VETURA rent-a-car d.d. POREČ (here is called « Lessor») rents vehicles to Renter whose personal detalis are on Page One under the following terms and conditions

1. Renter is agree by his signature admit ledges regulations of the rental agreement:

A) that the prices and other terms of lease specified in the valid price list accepted as an integral part of the contract

B) that he is 22 years of age up to a maximum of 75 years old and possesing valid driving licence for 2 year at least for the car Group A,B,C,D, and

C) that he is 30  years of age up to a maximum of 75 years old and possesing valid driving licence for 5 year at least for the car Group  E,F,H,I,K,L

D) that he is  in the possessions of a valid credit card  with an expiry date after the due check-in date, for those charges that have not been prepaid (such as extras, refuelling charge, trafic and parking violations, excess due in the event of damage to or loss of the rented vehicle)
A refundable security deposit will be held from the credit card until the vehicle is returned. The exact deposit is determined on collection since the amount is depending on the vehicle group.

E) Also, a valid ID card or passport would  be required at time of pick up.

F) that he will return the vehicle on date specified on Page One or sooner upon demand of Lessor

G) Vehicle will be supplied with a full tank of fuel and  must be returned full. Otherwise for missing fuel EUR 1,8 per liter plus refueling charge of 7 EUR will be charged on your return.

H) that he will ask Lessor to prolong the rental agreement 48 hours before its expiration.

I) to maintain the rented car properly and take all necessary care during the rental.

that he will not use the car:
a) when under influence of alcohol
b) for any illegal purposes (criminal deeds, violation of customers and foreign exchange regulations)
c) for instructing drivers
d) to carry passengers of property for a consideration expressed or implied
e) for propelling or towing any vehicle, trailer or parts thereof
f) in motor sports events

- that he will use the car for his own need without renting or lending it to the third person. that he will drive it himself or have it driven by a person he has authorized provided that such a person is 22 years of age at least, duly qualified and licensed, who will be entered in box «second driver», on the rental agreement.
- not to overload the rented car with persons or good over the permitted maximum.
- that he will not cross Croatia border without Lessor's permission.
- that he will not make any change of parts, assemblies or equipment on the vehicle.
- that he will bear all the costs of gasoline consumed.


2. In case of violation assessed against any regulation or terms in par 1.Renter agrees  to indemnify Lessor any damage arisen therefrom, the amount of which is established by Lessor.

3. Oil and lubricant a cost as well as those of regular maintenance, excluding during the rental, will be refunded to Renter against presentation of the receipt.

4. Upon first demand of Lessor, Renter is obligated to pay:

- daily rental charges and mileage covered as well as other charges at the rate for the rented car specified in current rate tolder of Lessor
- fines assessed against Renter in connection with the use of the vehicle caused throughout Renter's fault (traffic and parking violations)
- all costs and attorney's fee derived from collecting outstanding due from Renter.

5. Should Renter not pay the rental charges within agreed terms, Lessor is entitled to charge interest.

6. In case the rental charges are not settled, Lessor will take legal steps against Renter for collecting his outstanding.

7. While using the rented-car Renter is insured against public liability according to Croatia Law regulations and insurance requirements, whereas the vehicle is insured against fire and theft.

8. Renter is obliged for damages to the rented car during the rental as well as for idle period of the damaged car while under repair, if caused throughout Renter's fault. The loss arisen during the idle period is established at the amount of fixed charge of daily rental according to current rate folder. At check-out time Renter may take insurance against the said damages by paying daily insurance premium stated in current rate folder.

9. Disregarding eventual purchase of CDW Renter is liable for:

a) any damage to the vehicle if an accident / damage is not reported to the police.
b) any damage to the vehicle he or his authorized «second driver» has caused under influence of alcohol or drugs.
c) for damages caused intentionally or by negligent driving.
d) if the driver was not in possession of valid driving licence at the time the damage occurred.
e) filling up with the wrong kind of fuel: 1.500.00 Kn
f) loss of keys or documents of the vehicle: 2,000.00 Kn

10.  Loss of damage to Renter's property and gods in or on the vehicle will not be indemnified by Lessor.

11. Lessor does not warrant indemnity derived from:

a) delay in providing the vehicle
b) any damage to the vehicle occurred during the rental

12.  Renter agrees to protect the interests of Lessor and lessor's insurance company in case of  accident by:

a) obtaining names and addresses or parties and witnesses involved
b) not abandoning the damaged car, safeguarding and securing the same
c) informing the nearest Vetura station of the damage in the soonest way possible, even if a slight damage is concerned
d) calling Police immediately for investigation in case of heavier damage or if people are injured, as well as in case of someone else's evident quilt
e) supplying the nearest Vetura station with written detailed report on the accident

13. Should Renter tail to meet all requirements of par. 12 in case of accident he will be liable  for all consequences and damages therefrom.

14. Any alternation or the terms and conditions of this rental agreement is valid only if confirmed in writing by both contracted parties.

15. Renter acknowledges that details on the signed rental agreement can be transferred to the third party for the purpose of protecting collection of outstanding.

16. In the event of conflicting views in interpretation of the two versions here of, the Croatversion will consider official.

17. In the case of a dispute, the Contracting Party agrees to the actual and local jurisdiction of the court according to the seat of the lessor.

18. If Renter settles rental charges by his credit card, he authorizes Lessor by his signature overleaf to bill total charges at the account of the particular card issuing organization.

19. Renter, legal entity, is liable to pay rental charges as per the Invoice issued within 8 days upon termination of the rental, namely termination of monthly rental.

20. Payment Methods - All major credit cards are accepted (VISA, Master Card)

21. Out of hours -  Out of hours service from 21:00 - 7:00  is available for 150,00 Kn per rental.

22. Delivery and Collection - Delivery and collection service is available on request (Dubrovnik, Split, Zagreb).

23. In the price is included

  • daily rent
  • unlimited mileage
  • touristic / road map
  • collision damage waiver (CDW)
  • third party insurance  (TI)
  • theft protection (TP)
  • personal accident insurance (PAI)
  • Value added tax (VAT) - 25 %

24. The price does not include

  • fuel
  • toll
  • Additional driver
  • super collision damage waiver (SCDW)
  • super theft protection (STP)
  • cross border charge(CBC)
  • additional insurance for wheels/tires, underside and glass (WUG)
  • child seat, booster, GPS device, roof rack box

25. The reservation deposit will not be refunded if the reservation is canceled.

Before signing the Car Rental Agreement, make sure you have read its dispositions which refer to all important costs and insurances you have chosen.
Examine the car to make sure there are no damages. Only then sign the confirmation. This procedure is essential to determine possible damages during your rental.

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